Beaver Valley Water District


Information on Beaver Valley Water District

Beaver valley water has replaced all the old water meters with new meters in 2017.   These are radio read which means we can read all the meters in less than 30 mins just by driving by instead of hours by walking to each house.  These can read and maintain a record of consumption by day by hour if needed for the quarter. All the quarterly readings will be downloaded directly into the software for billing again saving time and money. 

The Beaver Valley Water District has received a USDA loan in the amount of $402,000. This loan is for 38 years at 1.875% and will be paid back through attaching a lien on the County/Property Tax to the Beaver Valley Water District residence.

Plant Operator — LaVerne Phelps

Meter Reader/Billing Clerk — Billie Jean Bennett

 Maintenance — Thomas Harkabus 

Beaver Valley Water District Information

Water Source — 2 wells, 60 feet deep Storage Tank Capacity — 125,000 gallons Water Treatment — Chlorine and Poly-Phosphate-- Number of Households 156 + 1 Church/Parsonage Cost Per Gallon To Each User — $31 each quarter plus $5.00 per 1000 gallons used (Eff. 4/1/16)  Late penalty is $30.00 flat rate.